The Prosperity Gospel & You

When we hear the words “prosperity gospel” most people don’t like to think that they themselves go to such a church or hold any of those beliefs.  The sad truth, however, is that the prosperity gospel has saturated the American Christian culture and seeped into the seams of almost every church to one degree or another.  Below, I have provided a link to some recent articles over at 9 Marks Blog.  They have been addressing the lies and appeal of the prosperity gospel as well as some tips on how  to evangelize those who follow it, and they have been doing a pretty good job at it.  But my invitation to visit their blog comes with a warning:  Don’t automatically think that you will reading about someone else!  If you believe that God rewards health and finances according to your level of faith & giving, or that anything you do (yes, even tithing) somehow obligates God to respond with blessings  you may be under the appealing spell of the prosperity message.

I encourage you to read some of these short articles with an open mind, open heart and a prayer on your lips:

Prosperity Gospel in My own Heart

Errors of the Prosperity Gospel

9 Marks of a Prosperity Gospel Church  

The Appeal of the Prosperity Gospel

Evangelizing Those in the Prosperity Gospel

The Soil that Grew the Prosperity Gospel

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